Building full-scale Software Projects at Startup speed

We can take your requirements and transform them into a full-fledged deployed Software. The process can start at the idea stage or at very detailed feature requirements, with or without UI, from bare microservices in AWS Lambda to complete core systems with Product Design.

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Why can we do it?

Because we made the world our Software factory

We make proven world class software at Startup speed

How we do it

What’s a Full-Scale Team?

How we do it

What’s a Full-Scale Project?

How we do it

A simple process

We can move with agility by not forcing our factory to be in a specific place, we are not country-bound.
Our project management skills and methods are the key.

Why The Dog Company?

Our company is owned and directed by technical people with business skills, not by business people who think they understand. It’s thanks to this that we are able to recruit only extremely capable people, that we can talk in your language, make realistic estimates and develop Software for highly technical industries where Software is a core part.

Our customers

The industries that have preferred us over the years are mainly in the financial sector, Telecommunications, university researchers, early-stage startups, and some other very specialized industries. It is this experience and the success cases that lets us tackle, with the same output quality, trivial software pieces as well as highly technical ones, all this at Startup speed.

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